What I’m Currently On About ::


Hey, welcome! I’m Amanda Bergen, but my friends call me Bergen or Berg. If you are here, then you must be a friend.

Right now, my husband Arnie & I are counting down the days we have left in the vibrant city of London. To make sure we don’t miss anything, we’ve created a massive bucket list to achieve by the time we leave (tentatively scheduled for October 2018) when we plan to go travelling for 9+ months across Southeast Asia & South America.

Here are the lists — take a look and follow along ::

  • Check out The London Countdown home page for more info on our ultimate year in the big smoke
  • Check out my London Jam Series to track my 50+ London music venue adventures
  • Check out my London Park Series to see all London’s beautiful green spaces
  • Check out my London Gem Series to see the secret & not so secret gems of London that make her truly brilliant
  • Check out my London Dork Series to see my visits to the capital city museums (page to come)
  • Check out my Wet London Series to check out cool cocktail bars and signature pubs (page to come)
  • Check out my Mad Hatter Series for swanky & qwirky places for high tea (page to come)


On why I love travel writing & started this blog ::

••• My ideal travel adventures perfectly balance spontaneity and strategy; and although spontaneity can lead to some of the most memorable morsels of our journeys, I’ve built this blog to help / guide / inspire you guys while you’re in ultra trip planning mode.

So dip into these pages like a warm gooey pot of gruyere and take in some of the magic I’ve witnessed on my travels. My intentions  are to inspire and share experiences to help fellow pioneers. Just don’t forget to schedule in your days of “wandering” and “exploration” to allow chaos to embolden tantalising misadventures •••

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