Tipsy Tea with Mr. Fogg

For our next “Afternoon Tea” adventure, Arnie & I headed to our good friend Phileas Fogg’s Residence. Mr. Fogg has a few establishments dotted around London – his residence (where we came for tea this time), his Tavern, and his Gin Parlour.

In case you aren’t yet acquainted with our dear friend, Phileas is the protagonist in Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days.  So naturally, his home is filled with knick knacks and relics from his fictional adventures around the globe. Visiting his London institutions are always a treat; they are quirky, unordinary, and thoroughly lovely.





This Afternoon Tea is particularly fantastic because it doesn’t serve tea, strictly speaking. Instead, the tea pots featured on the menu are filled with delicious cocktails, all available with “bottomless” options. That’s right. All you can drink Champagne cocktails are available (that is – if there’s anything remaining after we left).

Check out the menu:



What’s even better – if you choose the BOTTOMLESS option, you’re able to try a different concoction with every round. They were all delicious. Arnie went for the Bottomless Spirited Teas, and I went with the Bottomless Champagne Teas.

The tea pots are so pretty, and the libations themselves were gorgeous as well.





HELLO FROM ME & ARNIE (before we became way more than Tipsy)


When you have the chance, check it out! We ❤ Phileas, Always xoxo

Oh – and BONUS TIME!!! This BANKSY street art is right around the corner from Mr. Fogg’s home. Can you find it??



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Mayfair’s Mad Hatter Tea Party

As part of our London Countdown, Arnie & I are tackling all the things Afternoon Tea — embarking on both the fancy and the eccentric pinky-up fanfare.

At the Sanderson Hotel in Mayfair, you can fall down the rabbit hole and get tucked into  herbal teas and sugary confections, with a side of animation and childhood dreams.  This Mad Hatter themed afternoon tea is a TREAT! And guess what? It was BOTH of our unbirthdays, so we were in the mood for celebration.

Let’s start with the tea itself. There were 4 enticing flavours: Alice, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit. How very curious!


tea bottlesteapot


Next, let’s talk about the delectables that accompanied the tea. The savoury selection included a salmon scotch egg, croque monsieur, a fancy shmancy crab roll, and cucumber sandwiches (as if afternoon tea could exist without cucumber sandwiches, even in wonderland)!

The selection of cakes and sweets, however, was a bit ridiculous. Everything was sooo sweet that we left with tummy aches and a penchant to never sugar again.

The selection included heart cookies with rose cream filling, mocha chocolate cake, a lemon cake, mushroom marshmallows, a chocolate caterpillar, a white chocolate macaron, scones with the sweetest jam I’ve ever tasted, little meringues, and a the best touch of all – a glass filled with something delicious that I was hoping would shrink me to the size of a peanut. Then, when we thought it was all over, the waiter brought out ice cream with chocolate caramel “dirt” on top.

Here is the toppling tower, and then us of course 🙂



That’s it! Thank you for sharing our adventure 😉

Twinkle twinkle little bat, how I wonder where you’re at

xx Bergen